Flexible Film Rolls

Flexible Film Rolls

We supply a large range of film rolls / roll stock for different use.

  • Film Rolls for Noodles & Pasta
  • Film Rolls for Biscuits, Chips & Snacks
  • Film Rolls for Chocolate, Protein Bars & Candy
  • Film Rolls for Ice Cream & Popsicles
  • Film Rolls for Frozen Foods
  • Film Rolls for Trays & Cup Covers
  • Film Rolls for Detergent & Other non food products
  • Film Rolls for Thermo Vacuum, Shrink Film Wrapping & Shrink Sleeves Labels

We can supply

Noodles & Pasta


Chips & Snacks

Chocolate & Protein Bars


Ice cream & Popsicles

Frozen Foods

Tray Covers

Dairy Cup Covers


Pet Food


Thermo Vacuum Films

Shrink Film Wrapping

Shrink Sleeves Labels

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