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DelCity Ltd is the largest supplier of paper and office supplies in Mauritius. The company is known for the high quality of its products and the good customer service provided to its large portfolio of high profile customers. DelCity has acquired invaluable experience in the sourcing of stationery products and is willing to share its successful experiences to African customers. The company has appointed Roll n Sheet Ltd to market its services in Africa. We invite you to discover the web-store of DelCity Ltd for its local customers.


Print n Pack Ltd is the leading supplier of ticketing solution in Mauritius. The company supplies thermal rolls to a wide range of customers, including banks, public bodies, supermarkets, hotels, restaurants, shops, leisure parks, warehouses, bus companies, metro service, gas stations and many more. Print and Pack also supplies parking tickets, cinema tickets, airline boarding pass and various kind of thermal tags and labels. Furthermore, the company supplies RFID solutions for a wide range of applications, in particular for Metro Contactless Card and Hotel Room Access Card. Print n Pack has appointed Roll n Sheet Ltd to market its services in Africa.

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